Please note: fees are adjusted on an annual basis.

Aquatic events
Buoy Mooring application fee
Buoy Mooring Floats & Pin Kits

To ensure that the types of buoy mooring floats and pin kits used to secure vessels within Gold Coast waterways are of a suitable size, colour, quality and uniformity, authority holders will be required to purchase these from GCWA as a general condition of the authority.

Buoy mooring floats have historically been coloured differently to help clearly distinguish the buoy mooring areas. The buoy mooring authority will be issued an identifying number (the ID number) which is specific to your location. This mooring authority ID number will be etched into the mooring float by GCWA, upon purchase.

The fee charged for the supply of the buoy mooring floats and pin kits will be based on recovery of the costs associated with the manufacture, delivery and administration and will be adjusted annually each June.

The current charge (as of June 2016) by GCWA for this equipment is as follows

Buoy Mooring Float                               $308.10 (includes GST)

Buoy Mooring Pin Kit                            $90.50 (includes GST)

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