Got a myth you want busted? Or have a burning question about our waterways? Email us as and we’ll add it onto our Mythbuster List.

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Mythbuster No. 1 – “I can build any structure I like on my waterfrontage”

FACT: A Tidal Works application must be made to the City of Gold Coast (Council) before you can start building a boat ramp, pontoon, jetty etc.  It’s recommended that applicants consult with GCWA prior to lodging an application with council. We can then provide a waterways management comment and you’ll be on your way in no time!

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Mythbuster No. 2 – “GCWA is responsible for enforcing speed limits on the water”
FACT: Water Police, Maritime Safety Queensland and Fisheries Queensland enforce speeding and other unsafe on-water behaviour.
Speeding boats can be reported to the Water Police through Policelink or call 13HOON (134666). The Water Police are happy to take your report and give you an email address if you would like to send in photos or videos.
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Mythbuster No. 3 – “The Broadwater is completely silted up”

FACT: More sand has left the Broadwater since 1986 (when the Gold Coast Seaway and Sand Bypass Station was built) than has come in.  7.6 million cubic metres is the amount of total sand volume that has left!

Up to 100 Gigalitres of water comes in and out of the Seaway each day.  That’s one hundred thousand million litres of water, or 44,400 olympic sized swimming pools!  It means that it’s a dynamic changing environment with sand and shoals constantly moving around.

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