The Board is committed to setting priorities locally. Meet The Board sessions are held regularly throughout the Gold Coast to provide community members with the opportunity to provide their input on planning for the waterways now and into the future.

According to the GCWA Chairman, Mara Bún, the role of the community in planning for the waterways now and into the future is vital.
The seven-member Board of the GCWA has backed this commitment by meeting with more than 1000 residents over the past 16 months to seek their views. We’ve talked with everyone from boaties to divers, waterskiers to jetskiers, residents and visitors to shape our priorities.

Our next Meet the Board session will be held on Monday 16 October 2017 at Seaworld Resort, Main Beach at 6.30pm. We encourage all Gold Coast community members to “get on board” and attend one of the upcoming Meet The Board sessions.

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